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Return/Refund Policy

At Regent Way, quality is our priority. We go great lengths to ensure you get the finest quality of product just the way you visualised it here. However, we do recognise that under certain circumstances you may wish to return your product. Under the Terms & Conditions of our Returns Policy;

You may return your product in case of

Damaged or tampered product order packaging at the time of receipt. Please Note: Regent Way is not responsible for any damage that happens during transit and is therefore not liable to offer any return in case such a scenario arises.

Return in Case of Tampered Packaging

If at the time of receipt, you find your order packaging to be open, damaged or tampered with, we strongly suggest that you DO NOT accept your order. In such cases you must:
✔ Insist that the courier take the order back.

✔ Inform us immediately (within 24 hours) at +91 9422000715

Return in Case of Defect/Incorrect Order

If there is a discrepancy between the order you placed and received, please:
✔ Inform us about the discrepancy by sending an email to [email protected] within 24 hours of order receipt. Please state your order number.

✔ Send us a photo highlighting the discrepancy in your order within 24 hours at [email protected]

✔ Send us back the order in its original shipping package within 5 working days.

Please Note:

In case you want to return your damaged/incorrect/defective product back to us, you will need to bear the applicable shipping and handling costs involved in the process. Regent Way is not liable to bear any shipping and handling costs involved in returns.