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How to choose Wallpaper Design for Interior Decore

Wallpapers Withare not only a practical and easy solution for vibrant interior design, they also reflect your personality, interests and creative flair. Therefore, choose your wallpaper carefully to add a personalized touch to your home or office interiors – without wasting time, effort or money. With hundreds of irresistible wallpaper styles and designs available on Regent Way, you would surely be spoilt for choices. Don’t worry! We’ll help you choose your design in an easy and effortless manner.

For starters, the four most important factors to consider while choosing your own wallpaper design include:


The first essential step is to determine the orientation of the wallpaper. If your wall is horizontal, choose only horizontal designs; for vertically oriented walls, go for vertical wallpapers.


Once you have decided the orientation, measure your wallaccurately to determine the exact size of the wallpaper required to cover it.


When you have themes ranging from Abstract to Zen and everything in between, why not let your imagination take flight? Don’t shy away from experimenting with themes, patterns or textures to see what fits your fancy!


Your wallpaper must enhance the aesthetic value of your interior design, without making the interior space look squashed. Add a dramatic touch to your large rooms by covering entire walls with classy wallpapers to instill the mood. Big rooms feel cozy with darker wallpaper designs and striking themes. For smaller rooms that need to look spacious, go for the contemporary-chic look with cleaner lines and simpler geometrical prints.

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How to Measure

Size does matter when it comes to buying wallpaper for your home or office because:

✔  You would not want to buy extra rolls which have no use and lie stacked around.

✔  Do not want to fall short of rolls to cover your entire wall

✔  You do not want tacky work with frayed wallpaper sticking out at the corners.

Therefore, once you have zeroed down on the design, the next step is to measure the size of wallpaper you would require to cover up your walls in an aesthetic way.

In order to measure your wallpaper, you have to consider what you require:

✔  You would not want to buy extra rolls which have no use and lie stacked around.

✔  Do not want to fall short of rolls to cover your entire wall

For Full Wall Coverings:

Width - Measure the horizontal distance of the wall, from corner to corner.

Height -Measure the vertical height at each corner of the wall. Some walls are not perfectly square. If there is a difference in height, always select the greater of the two height measurements.

Most wallpaper designs are pretty flexible and trimming the edges to achieve a perfect finish does not harm the overall look. Always use a measuring tape to get the most accurate measurement. Finally, add a few extra inches along the sides of your wallpaper. This will give you a little breathing space in case of any odd mistakes! Got any queries? Simply call us on +91 9422000715 today!