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Easy Installation

Our wallpapers are designed for easy, DIY, no-mess installation. Using a little water, you can achieve a super-neat installation without any waste of material or effort! When you buy your wallpaper from us, we send you detailed instructions on positioning and alignment of the wallpaper panels. Follow these instructions carefully and you can create an attractive, customized wall in minutes!

Install Your Wallpaper in 10 Easy Steps : GET. SET. GO!


Step-1  Make sure all the damaged areas are repaired and your wall surface is smooth. Clean the application area with a sponge and water to remove any debris.
Step-2  Make registration marks with a pencil on the wall area that you want to cover.
Step-3  Roll the wallpaper print loosely with the printed side facing in.
Step-4  Dip the rolled print in water. Keep it submerged for about 15 seconds.
Step-5  Remove the print from the water
Step-6  Fold the print with the printed side facing out, for around 1 minute.
Step-7  Place the print on the wall, overlapping the registration marks made earlier.
Step-8  Smooth out the panel on the wall using a sponge. All bubbles should be leveled in this process. Don’t worry about smaller bubbles. These will evaporate automatically as the print dries up.
Step-9  Remove excess water using a sponge and leave the print to dry for 15-30 minutes.
Step-10  Carefully trim excess material along the corners with a sharp knife.

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Wallpaper Care

Wallpapers work like magic. They breathe a new lease of life in a mundane setting. They transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary world. They make old walls come alive and silent walls talk! But most importantly, they mirror your personality, aesthetic sense and creativity.
Like all precious things, wallpapers too need to be taken care of, so that they continue to lend beauty, energy and vibrancy to your home or office interiors. The good news is that taking care of your wallpaper is not a painstaking task at all! In fact, it is a simple routine which, if followed on a regular basis, can ensure a longer life to your wallpaper.
Wondering where to start? Let us tell you how to take care of your wallpaper the easy way.
✔  Wipe your wallpaper with a clean, dry cloth to remove dust particles

✔  Dampen a clean cloth or sponge with water and wipe your wallpaper gently. Do not use hard scrubbing pads.

✔  Wipe the surface of your wallpaper from the bottom to the top, following the direction of the vertical seams.

✔  Although our scratch-proof wallpaper is made from very tough and durable materials and cannot be grazed easily, do not scrub too hard to remove any dust as you may inadvertently tear or damage it.

✔  Do not use chemical-based detergents as they may damage the smooth surface finish. Avoid colored cleaning solutions as they may cause the wallpaper to stain.

✔  Clean your wallpaper every 2-3 weeks to keep it clean and shining as new.

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