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The first things you need are accurate measurements of the walls that are to be covered. Draw a room diagram showing doors, windows and ceiling height. If there are built-in bookcases, include those as well. Calculate the sq ft. of every wall that will be covered. Subtract areas that will not be covered (doors, windows)
Divide this figure by 57, standard roll of wallpaper/wall-covering is 57 sq ft. This gives you the appx. number of rolls needed. Note that the pattern repeat, rooms of unusual size or shape, greater than normal wastage during wallpaper installation or other special circumstances can affect the roll needs.

Yes, proper surface preparation will make it easier to install wallpapers/wall-coverings and plays a very important role in assuring satisfactory results. Basic preparation steps include patching any cracks and nail holes for smoothening and using oil based primer for overcoming dryness of the surface.
Yes, but it's best to bring in an expert. Wood paneling, brick surfaces each present unique challenges, and each requires careful preparatory work for successful wallpaper installation.
Yes, it is the same wallpapers but change in design as both the applications are different.
Any and every type of design is practically feasible. However the cost shall be a factor as per the extent of detailing and customization required.