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A vertical garden is a technique used to grow plants on a vertically suspended panel by using hydroponics. These unique structures can either be freestanding or attached to a wall. Vertical gardens have been used since ancient civilizations; many modern vertical gardens can last for decades and give a pop of nature into the modern day business.
Vertical gardens are a wonderful alternative to potted plants in the office space. While potted plants have the advantage of being placed anywhere, they can take up space and require lots of maintenance. However, with vertical gardens there is only one large panel to maintain, and it will provide a lush pop of color to any professional environment.

  • 1.One time most
  • 2.No irrigation
  • 3.No light Requirement
  • 4.No maintenance
  • 5.No dead spots due to damaged plants or due to pests
  • 6.Instant Green Looks
  • 7.It can be installed indoors and outdoors with equal ease
Vertical gardens go by many different names: living green walls, live walls and moss walls just to name a few. Whatever you want to call them, these vertical structures of plant life can be as small as a picture frame or as massive as a 60 ft wide masterpiece.
Vertical gardens can be placed in hotel lobbies, major corporation headquarters, or even a small residential backyard. Vertical gardens not only look impressive, but will also make you feel more comfortable in your environment by tapping into nature’s inherent calming powers.
  • Adding greenery to an indoor or outdoor space
  • Help to secure pets
  • Improve your property’s privacy, and secuity
  • Offer instant privacy from neighbours
  • Finish off a balcony
  • Create a stunning or new modern view